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Dear Friend,

If you're like me, deer hunting is more than a just a hobby. It's a way of life.

This website is for people like you... People who are passionate about hunting big whitetail bucks.

I trust you'll find this resource helpful in your quest to become a more successful hunter.

Good hunting and God bless,

David Barrett
Trophy Buck Secrets - Founder

Trophy Buck Secrets has a special Members Only area called, "Trophy Nation."

Trophy Nation is the Ultimate Big BUCK Brotherhood...
providing unmatched access to expert information, powerful resources, and like-minded hunters to give whitetail hunters like you the knowledge, skill and confidence to fill your wall with mounts, and your heart with fond memories.

Featured Resources

Product Review:  The Wright BlindProduct Review: The Wright Blind
Ralph Scherder
Prior to the 2010 season, I'd never hunted deer from a ground blind -- turkeys, yes, but not deer. Hard to believe, I know, but I've always been a tree stand kind of guy when it came to whitetails, and for good reason (at least in my mind). . . . more

What Happened to This Buck?What Happened to This Buck?
Ralph Scherder
Every big buck seems to have its own mystery, and sometimes that mystery is a hard one to solve. They fight for breeding rights -- not just sparring matches, either. When two mature animals, each weighing in the neighborhood of 200 pounds and carrying sharp-tined racks, go at it, they're bound to inflict wounds upon one another. . . . more

It Ain't Over…Yet!It Ain't Over…Yet!
Ralph Scherder
Goodbye fall, hello winter -- and hunting in the winter can be tough, but not impossible. If you're like me and still after a particular buck, you're starting to wonder if you should hang up your hopes until next year. All fall I've been after a nice buck and can't seem to close the deal. Now that it's December, I realize my chances of success are slipping away. After all, I didn't get that buck in archery season during the rut, and I sure didn't get him in gun season. . . . more

Take the Shot or Let Him Walk?Take the Shot or Let Him Walk?
Ralph Scherder
A nice West Virginia 8-point was standing only 15 yards away facing straight towards me and I had my bow up and ready to come to full draw. All I needed to do was wait for him to turn broadside and he was mine. He stood there for several minutes. Nine does lingered nearby, all of them focused on this buck. He picked at browse and chewed as if contemplating which doe to chase next. Everything seemed at a standstill until he quickly turned and bluffed at a doe behind him. She took off. He stopped again, this time facing straight away. More minutes ticked by. . . . more

Hunters Sharing The Harvest A Worthy CauseHunters Sharing The Harvest A Worthy Cause
The Outdoor Wire
Hunters who are successful in the upcoming deer hunting seasons are encouraged by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to consider participating in the state's Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH) program, which channels donations of venison to local food banks, soup kitchens and needy families. Pennsylvania's HSH program is recognized as one of the most successful among similar programs in about 40 states. . . . more

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